So How's the Weather
in San Miguel de Allende?

Pretty Much Perfect, Thank You!

A sk a bunch of expatriates why they're here and many will say simply The Weather. In San Miguel de Allende, the 6400'+ altitude (1070 meters) guarantees almost perfect spring-like weather year-round. High temperatures are usually in the 70°s F (21-26° C.) for most of the year with very low humidity adding to the comfort level. Intensely blue skies and brilliant sunshine are the rule most days.

Here's what the weather in San Miguel de Allende is doing right now.

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect throughout the year.

January in San Miguel can sometimes be chilly, with nights in the 40°s (approx 5-9° C.) and even the occasional afternoon drizzle. Most days the sun comes out and the sky tends to be a deep blue for most of the winter.

Jacaranda blossoms in San Miguel de AllendeSpring in San Miguel unofficially begins February 2nd with the annual Candlelaria Plant Sale. By March, the jacaranda trees are blooming all over, dotting the hillsides with giant purple puff-balls of blossoms.

The hottest months are April and May, with average high temperatures in the high 80°s F (28-31° C.) It's been known to hit 100° (38° C) in May, but that's not common. Dust from many months of no rain contributes to making this the least comfortable time of year. Many restaurants and a few other businesses catering to tourists even close in May while the owners take their own vacations or use this down time to renovate and repair.

By June, San Miguel's summer rainy season has begun. A typical day starts out sunny and warm. By early afternoon, clouds roll in, usually from the west, and the drenching rain bathes the town for an hour or more. The steep streets turn into rushing streams that make you wish you'd brought a kayak into town with you! The summer rains will likely continue throughout July and August.

We'll get an average of close to 5" (12.5 cm) of rain per month from June to September and less than an inch per month the rest of the year. Take a look at the video below for a vivid—and noisy!—example of a summer downpour in San Miguel. (Note: It's long—about 7 minutes—but you don't have to watch the whole thing to get the full effect.)

But once the rain stops, the clouds usually roll off quickly, the sun dries things up, and the air sparkles like crystal. The blue of the sky can be so brilliant it almost hurts your eyes.

Overnight rains are not uncommon this time of year too, and dry sheet lighting behind the Santa Rosa mountains often offers a terrific light show.

In Fall, San Miguel weather is glorious indeed. The rains usually end in September, (hopefully in time for the annual Fiestas Patrias. After the rains have brought the desert back to life, the wildflowers do their thing, blanketing whole hillsides with pink/purple cosmos, golden marigolds, and many types of white blooms. And the six-foot-tall girasoles, those giant Mexican sunflowers that look like black-eyed susans, are out in the millions, filling every field, lining every road.

By December, we're trying to remember where we put our jackets and maybe shopping for a space heater as the weather in San Miguel de Allende begins to hint at winter. Evenings can get chilly again. The evening air begins to smell of wood fires as folks remember why their houses have fireplaces. But come morning, the sun is likely to be sharp and clear again—and then there's that blue, blue winter sky.

Overall, the weather in San Miguel de Allende is just about perfect.

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