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San Miguel de Allende

I t's become almost impossible to talk about art in Mexico without talking about San Miguel artists. San Miguel de Allende has developed into probably the most popular and the most famous of all art towns in Mexico, with dozens of galleries, major art schools, an art and design center, and possibly hundreds of working artists, both Mexican and foreign.

They come for the light, so pure and piercing and rich, making the colors of the colonial buildings and the bougainvillea pop and adding richness to everything in view. They come for the views: everywhere you look in San Miguel, there's something worthy of the brush, the pencil, the sculptor's tool. And they come for the ambience: wherever there are artists, there is bound to be a rich, eclectic and interesting cultural and everyday life.

In San Miguel de Allende, art is at the heart of things. One of the best ways to get to know her is to meet San Miguel artists.

Long-time San Miguel artist Dan Reuffert paints the streets of San Miguel...quickly!

This page will lead you to profiles of a continuing and growing list of Featured San Miguel artists. Come back often to meet more and more artists of San Miguel de Allende. Click on the artists' names below to learn more about them.

Painting by Toller Cranston, San Miguel de Allende

Toller Cranston

Painter, writer, illustrator, World Champion free Skater, 6-time Canadian champion figure skater, Olympic Medalist, Member of the Order of Canada, costume designer, choreographer, coach, TV commentator and general Bon Vivant—Toller Cranston is indeed a renaissance man...

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Davíd Godínez

You'll see a lot of lovely silver jewelry in San Miguel de Allende. But the innovative designs of Davíd Godínez will stand out. One of them may well go home with you. It's been a long and adventurous road for him to end up where he is now. Learn more about Davíd and his work...

Detail of Gringo Dancing, by Keith Keller, San Miguel de Allende

Keith Keller

Keith Keller has been painting in San Miguel for over 20 years. Locally, he is sometimes known as "The Goddess Painter." Read his entire profile to find out why...

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