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The Parroquia Church, San Miguel de Allende

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Jul 06, 2013

Beautiful, Rainy, San Miguel de Allende

We are having a wonderful rainy season in San Miguel de Allende this year. Yesterday (July 5th) we had over 3/4" of rain. Maybe that's a problem in other places--for us it is WONDERFUL! Everything is so fresh and green, the temperatures are comfortable, the air is like crystal, and the hills will soon be full of wildflowers.

Come join us!

Jardin on a Rainy Night, San Miguel de Allende

This great photo of the Jardin on a rainy night is from the San Miguel Like FB page. Check them out at the link below.

San Miguel de Allende LIKE on FB

Sep 17, 2012

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, to both remember their loved ones and to laugh at the very idea of death. Here's how...

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Jul 02, 2012

"Los Locos" Do Their Thing in San Miguel--2012

The annual parade of "Los Locos" in San Miguel de Allende every June is pretty much impossible to describe completely or well with just words. So I was delighted to find this slide show on YouTube today of this year's annual celebration of craziness on June 15th. It gives a great idea of the range, the fun and the pure whackiness of this unique-to-San-Miguel, quasi-religious holiday.

For more detail of exactly what it is, and why, click on the link.

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Jun 25, 2012

Bargains NOW at 7th Heaven in San Miguel

My long-time friend Sabrina Surving is about to close her fantastic San Miguel shop, 7th Heaven, and take it exclusively online. And that means it's time for bargains.

San Miguel skyline bracelet by Sabrina Surving at 7th Heaven.

Sabrina's "transformation sale" begins this Friday, June 29th, with 20% off everything for cash, and continues until August 12th.

Sabrina has the BEST taste and has stocked her shop with wonderful jewelry, clothes hats. Check out the erotic section, too. And be sure to save enough for one of her signature San Miguel jewelry designs, like this wonderful bracelet featuring the San Miguel "skyline."

I advise to get in early for the best pickings. Her stuff is so fine it won't last long. To see more images of her offerings, visit the shop's facebook page at the link below.

7th Heaven is located at Sollano #11 in el Centro. Tel: 154-4677. Open Tue-Sun, 10-6.

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Jun 17, 2012

Toller Cranston in San Miguel de Allende

Long famous as the greatest men's figure skater of the 20th Century, Toller Cranston always defined himself first as "a painter who skates." Here's a look at his home, his life and his painting...

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Jun 16, 2012

Music and a Garden - San Miguel Magic

I've just discovered the blog "Jax in Mexico" and wanted to share the most recent post with you. She captures so perfectly the magic of San Miguel de Allende with her description of music and a garden on a lovely summer night.

I wish I'd been there too. I would have been one of the ones bopping to that music, joining all those women on the dance floor. And I have a very long and ongoing love affair with that Sauto parrot!

Do read this. Then go have dinner in that patio garden the next time you are in San Miguel.

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May 03, 2012


The rain has come, giving some relief from some pretty oppressive heat the last few days. Much as I love San Miguel de Allende, the usual heat of May can get me down.

Since the heat is usually so short-lived, there are many, many places in San Miguel without air conditioning. If you live in a house or apartment without air conditioning, your day sometimes becomes a process of wandering from one cool spot with a cold drink to the next cool spot with a cold drink. (Starbucks is good for this. Also, the outdoor cafes int he portales often have a nice breeze running through.)

So the rain today has been a refreshing change. It's early days to say the rainy season has begun. Weather Underground is forecasting a hot day tomorrow with rain tomorrow night followed by a 40-60% chance of rain most days for the next week.

So let's just tenjoy it while we can.

Apr 16, 2012

July Events in San Miguel de Allende

Summer is both the mini-season and the rainy season and July events in San Miguel de Allende offer a lot to interest both visitors and locals.

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Apr 16, 2012

June Events in San Miguel de Allende

Though the pace is still slow, in June, events in San Miguel de Allende begins to pick-up for the "little season." The "locos" come out to create their own June madness...

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Apr 16, 2012

May Events in San Miguel de Allende

May events in San Miguel de Allende are lazy affairs as many of the

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