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Come fall under the spell of San Miguel de Allende. Come walk her cobblestoned colonial streets, relax in her shade-dappled patios, sink into her slower pace, feel the warmth of her people.

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San Miguel

E veryone who's been there agrees: San Miguel de Allende is a magical place. A colonial jewel tucked into a bowl-shaped hollow in Mexico’s central highlands, its rumpled cobblestoned streets are lined with antique buildings painted as many colors as an over-made-up grande dame. Stucco walls drip flame-colored bougainvillea, pale blue plumago, lemony lantana flowers. Carved doors with brass knockers guard the entrances—and the secrets—of beguiling patios, tinkling fountains, lush gardens. But it takes time to convince San Miguel to reveal all her secrets. If you're like most visitors, you'll soon be asking: What’s behind those beautiful doors and mysterious walls? Are the people as colorful as their buildings? And how can we get a peek inside and experience the real San Miguel de Allende? That special insider’s look is a whole lot easier when you know a local who’s already broken the code and learned the secret route into the heart of this intriguing town... someone willing to take you by the hand and help you really experience San Miguel de Allende. Welcome inside my San Miguel. I first arrived in San Miguel de Allende in December, 1989. The bus bringing me from Mexico City turned onto the “caracol,” the peripheral road that curves above the town and offers a breath-catching view. As I looked down onto a town I had never seen before, I felt something stop inside me and I went very still. Then I turned to my traveling companion and spoke words I have never forgotten. “I don’t understand this,” I said, “but I’m home.” That feeling of rightness has never left me. To me, San Miguel is the essence of "home." And I love sharing that love and excitement with others.
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Whether you’re planning a short vacation to San Miguel de Allende, or a longer stay—maybe forever—this website’s for you.
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Here’s all the information you need to plan a perfect stay, rich in experiences you might have missed without our insider knowledge. Who else will lead you not only to the best hotels and restaurants but also tell you where to have a hand-embroidered "retablo" made in your very own likeness? Or steer you to the hole-in-the-wall spot where you can experience your own, unique "Mexican moment?"

Moving to San Miguel?

If you want to join the thousands of ex-pat Americans, Canadians and Europeans who call San Miguel home, we’ve got you covered too. We’ll point you to the best gym, Spanish class or carpenter, introduce you to real estate agents and artists, even tell you where to find the best prices on everything from furniture to pharmaceuticals. And who else knows—and tells you—where to order slip covers for the sofa your cat just shredded? We'll help you shave months or years off the learning curve of settling into your new community and country. San Miguel de Allende seduced me from the first day I arrived and it has never let go. Will you love San Miguel as much as I do? Come see. Experience San Miguel de Allende for yourself. One visit might be all it takes for you too.

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About San Miguel de Allende
Some fast facts to answer your first questions about San Miguel de Allende—like where is San Miguel, what's the weather like, how do I get there, stuff you need to know....
El Jardin, San Miguel de Allende's Heart
In San Miguel de Allende, the central plaza is where everything happens. Read about El Jardin, San Miguel de Allende's heart...
Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende
The best art school in San Miguel de Allende is Bellas Artes, the Centro Cultural de Bellas
The Sanctuary of Atotonilco -- Mexico's "Sistine Chapel"
Only 7 miles from San Miguel de Allende, the Sanctuary of Atotonilco is a cornucopia of frescoes, gilded altars and
How to Travel to Mexico and San Miguel de Allende
Traveling to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is not hard. Here are some tips on travel to Mexico that will get you there...
Finding a Cheap Mexico Flight
Some ideas, tips and tricks to help you find a cheap Mexico flight for your next vacation...
San Miguel de Allende: Hotels Directory
In this complete San Miguel de Allende Hotels Directory you're sure to find the ideal hotel for your visit to San Miguel de Allende...
Hostels in San Miguel de Allende
For the young, and young at heart, there are several inexpensive hostels in San Miguel de Allende...
San Miguel Restaurants: Something for Every Taste
There is certainly no reason to go hungry in San Miguel de Allende. There are dozens of San Miguel restaurants for every taste and every budget. Here are some of the best...
New Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende
New restaurants have been opening in San Miguel de Allende at an amazing rate. This page will keep you up to date on the newest and best restaurants in San Miguel...
San Miguel shoes: The Original Combat Cocktail Sandals
San Miguel Shoes are the original "combat cocktail sandals" from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Designed for walking on cobblestones, they're comfortable, durable, stabilizing and pretty.
Calendar of San Miguel Annual Events, Month by Month
There's always something fun going on in San Miguel de Allende. The San Miguel annual events calendar rewards a visit at any time of year...
San Miguel Videos: Movies About San Miguel de Allende
More and more San Miguel Videos and movies about San Mgiuel de Allende are showing up on the scene. Here's info about a few of the best...
San Miguel Artists: Profiles of Artists in San Miguel de Allende
Talk about Art in Mexico and you end up talking about Art in San Miguel. Here are profiles of some featured San Miguel artists...
Buying Real Estate in Mexico
A common myth is that foreigners can't buy real estate in Mexico. They can and do...every day. Here's how they do it...
The Writers Workshop: San Miguel
You want to write. We're here to help you. Teaching craft and style, motivation and direction for your writing. It's what we do. And at Writers Workshop: San Miguel, we do it well.
Spanish Language Schools in San Miguel de Allende
San Miguel de Allende is a great place to learn to speak Spanish. Several Spanish Language Schools in San Miguel will have you <i>hablando espanol</i> in no time....
Cooking Classes in San Miguel de Allende
In the many cooking classes in San Miguel de Allende, you can learn to cook classic Mexican dishes and have fun doing it...and eating them!
Cooking School Vacations in San Miguel de Allende
In San Miguel de Allende, cooking school vacations are a great way to get in touch with the local culture. Here's where to find them....
Authentic Mexican Recipe Collection
If you love cooking real Mexican food, you'll want the authentic Mexican recipe for your favorite dish. Here's a great collection...
Atole Recipe--a Delicious Mexican Hot Drink
Here's an authentic atole recipe for the delicious and traditional Mexican hot drink made with cornstarch or masa. Yum...
Inapam Card in Mexico
For retirees who want to make Mexico their permanent home, the INAPAM card offers serious senior discounts in San Miguel de Allende and elsewhere...
The VIP Club of San Miguel: Your Best Money-Saver in San Miguel de Allende
With your membership card to the VIP Club of San Miguel de Allende, you can save up to 20%of you bill at all the best restaurants in town...
36 Hours in San Miguel de Allende
You have a weekend, 36 hours to spend in San Miguel de Allende. Here's a perfect two days in this Mexican paradise...
Love San Miguel Shop
Here in the Love San Miguel Shop you can find specially designed San Miguel de Allende T-shirts, dog t-shirts, tote bags, gifts and more...
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Authentic Mexican Capirotada Recipe
Here's a traditional and authentic Capirotada Recipe for the Mexican bread pudidng dessert served during Lent...

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