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I n San Miguel, videos are the newest and hottest way to capture the scene. San Miguel de Allende is nothing if not visual.

Film maker Caren Cross
in San Miguel de Allende
Film maker Caren Cross, San Miguel de Allende
Artists and photographers have been trying to capture its special magic for decades. But the animation, the energy, the "pulse" of San Miguel is hard to portray on a static surface. Now that video cameras are better, smaller and cheaper, it's easier for anyone, professional videographer or Sunday filmer, to capture some of that moving magic.

As a result, some really creative and well done San Miguel videos have shown up in the last couple of years. On this page, we showcase a few of our favorites. As new ones are added to the mix, we'll take a look and add them if we think they're worth your time.

Lost and Found in Mexico

This is—hands-down—my favorite of all the films about San Miguel de Allende. Maybe that's because I felt like filmmaker Caren Cross was inside my head, filming my story. This film makes it clear that my experience of falling in love with San Miguel at first sight is far from unique.

Like so many before them, Caren Cross and her husband, David, came to San Miguel for a one-week vacation and were captivated. They went home to their jobs and their life, but it wasn't the same. Within a few months, they'd closed their businesses, sold their home, and moved to Mexico.

For Caren, a psychotherapist, it was natural to want to explore that visceral reaction. She wanted to figure out both why it had changed her in so many ways and to try and understand why so many other expatriates seemed to have the same experience.

Filmed with an eye both keen and loving, incisive and curious. Lost & Found in Mexico has been screened at more than two dozen film festivals in the US, Mexico and Europe. At several, it won major awards. It's been sold to at least three foreign television stations.

Here's a short clip to give you a glimpse of the video caress this film offers San Miguel.

To learn more about Caren Cross, her film, or to purchase your own copy, visit: Lost & Found in Mexico

Love Is...

Loving San Miguel is not an new idea to me... it's what this website is all about. Love IN San Miguel is something else. Another of the San Miguel videos explores that subject—looking for love, finding it, losing it, sometimes ending it. A group of local expats have put the idea on film with the first full-length entertainment film for the local English-speaking market.

Love Is... was written by Christine Foster, directed, edited and with original music by Nils MacQuarrie, and produced by Gerry Holmes and Christine Foster. It's a love poem to the beauty, character and quirkiness of San Miguel itself.

The DVD is available for purchase in various locations around town.

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