Calendar of San Miguel Annual Events...

Something for Everyone!

T here's always something special going on in San Miguel.

Annual events crowd the calendar with a rich and varied banquet of doings, from traditional fiestas and processions to world-class concerts, from film festivals to fireworks spectacles.

San Miguel de Allende is famous as a "fiesta" town, and sometimes the reason isn't obvious. San Miguel loves to party. And, like most of Mexico, it has a serious love affair going on with fireworks.

A Mexican Castillo fireworks explodes in San Miguel de AllendeI remember one evening when I walked up to the Jardín and saw a castillo, the traditional fireworks tower that explodes higher and higher until finally a flaming disk flies right up into the sky. It was set up in front of the Parroquia and started its fiery climb just as I arrived. After enjoying the sparking, sparkling spectacle for awhile, I wandered down Cuna de Allende to one of my favorite cafes, El Ten-Ten Pie. I asked Juan, the owner, what the occasion was, why the fireworks.

Mexican folkloric dancers skirts, San Miguel de Allende He thought a minute. "What day is it?" he asked.

"Tuesday," I said.

He gave an impish grin. "Ah," he said with a nod. "It's the Tuesday fiesta!"

No wonder I love San Miguel de Allende!

Every month in San Miguel offers something interesting and special. Click on the links below to see what's on tap each month in terms of annual events in San Miguel.

Annual Events in January

Annual Events in February

Annual Events in March

Annual Events in April

Annual Events in May

Annual Events in June

Annual Events in July

Annual Events in August

Annual Events in September

Annual Events in October

Annual Events in November

Annual Events in December

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