San Miguel de Allende--That feeling of acceptance

by Linda Brown
(Rockport, TX)

When my mother moved to San Miguel in 1978, I began visiting her every year. After returning to my home town, my friends would question me as to just what I found so absolutely fascinating and why I enjoyed it so.

I would try to describe the various aspects of the city, the people, my experiences. They would politely nod, seeming not to really get the pictures I attempted to draw for them.

Finally, I discovered that I needed to say only one thing, "In San Miguel, the people there think I am normal!"

So, in 1993, when there were significant changes in my life, I "ran away" to be a part of the place I lovingly dubbed "The Haven for Runaway Senior Citizen Hippies." With the majority of the residents seeming to fall into that category--artists, musicians, actors, free-thinkers--I truly DID feel "normal."

San Miguel de Allende was my home for the next 14 years and I will always treasure them for all the incredible experiences and that freedom to be who I am.

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Jun 10, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

The problem with the people is they think for themselves in another way and tends to think for others in another way. That is only why they have to face lots of problems in their life.

Dec 29, 2008
Right on Linda!
by: Anonymous

I know just what you mean Linda.

I first visited San Miguel in 1983. We rented a fabulous home for a month. It was on Chorro with a panoramic view of the town below. We paid $400 for the entire month! (That home today would sell in the 2 to 3 million price range!)

I was hooked on San Miguel from that first trip.
We returned in '86 for another month and by the '90s I was spending about half my time there studying painting with Keith Keller and later, Carmen Cerceda, two of the best art instructors anywhere on the planet.

By 1997 I had purchased a gorgeous piece of land in San Miguel and moved there full time in 1999. We lived in San Miguel for 6 years. We made the decision to move back to the States in order to spend more time with our growing grandchildren.
We are enjoying the time we spend with them tremendously. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

But...I do dream of once again spending time in my favorite place on earth...San Miguel de Allende! I dream of it every day of my life. I'm still hooked on the place! Whenever I do return to San Miguel my friends there wonder how I can stand to be away from the place.

All I can personally say to that is...sometimes we make sacrifices for higher reasons than our own needs.

Someday, we will return to San Miguel on a more regular basis. It's where my heart is!...and so is my beautiful land!

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