Christmas in
San Miguel de Allende

¡Feliz Navidad!

The season of Christmas in San Miguel de Allende is a time of joy and color, noisy fireworks and solemn religious services, music everywhere, and traditional crecimiento nativity scenes.

Three Kings stroll the streets alongside the newer Santas imported from north of the border. A giant Christmas tree adorns the Jardín, its hundreds of lights coloring the cobblestones of the street. Piñatas hang in windows, and bright red poinsettias—called "noche buena" in Spanish—line window ledges and doorways.

Nativity Scene in the Jardin, San Miguel de AllendeA huge crecimiento is set up in the Jardín every year, with life-size figures and live barnyard animals. The baby Jesus is put into his manger on Noche Buena, Christmas Eve.

There are special holiday events just about every day for the two weeks or so before Christmas. Here's a list of official events for Christmas in San Miguel for 2009.

NOTE: The Posada dates and times below are for 2009. Always double check starting times locally as they can vary by as much a 2-3 hours. Times are generally posted in the Jardín. Also check for updates and additions. More concerts and free performances in the Jardín are sure to be added.

Daily - Christmas Fair at Plaza Cívica, selling plants, flowers, Christmas trees, decorations etc.

Wednesday, December 16 - 6:30 pm - The lighting of the town Christmas tree, in the Jardín

7 pm - 1st Posada of the season leaves from in front of the Parroquia and ends at the Templo de la Salud. (Click for the lyrics to the Posada song, "Pidiendo Posada.")

Thursday, December 17 - 7 pm - 2nd posada begins at La Salud Church and ends at Santa Ana Church in Insurgentes.

Friday, December 18 - 7 pm - 3rd posada begins at Santa Ana Church in Insurgentes.
There is generally a special posada at the Biblioteca Pública before this.

Saturday, December 19 - 7 pm - 4th Posada begins at San Antonio Church, in Colonia San Antonio, and ends at the San Francisco Church.

Sunday, December 20 - 7 pm - 5th Posada begins at San Francisco Church and ends at San Juan de Dios Church.

A little boy eager for Christmas, San Miguel de AllendeMonday, December 21 - 7 pm - 6th Posada leaves from San Juan de Dios Church and ends at the Oratorio Church.

Tuesday, December 22 - 7 pm - 7th Posada leaves from the Oratorio Church and ends at the arches at Colonia Aurora.

Wednesday, December 23 - 7 pm - 8th Posada begins in Calzada Aurora and ends at Las Monjas Church.

Thursday, December 24 - 8 pm - 9th and final Posada of the season begins at Las Monjas Church and ends at the Parroquia.

Friday, December 25 - Christmas Day

Thursday, December 31 - 6pm - Concert in the Jardín
Midnight - New Year's Eve Fireworks in the Jardín

Tuesday, January 5 - 7pm - Three Kings Parade through the main streets of the Centro
The three Kings of the EpiphanyAll night - The Three Kings Toy Market on Calzada de Guadalupe

Wednesday, January 6 - 4pm - Three Kings kids party in the Jardin

Important Note:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Mexico are days to be with family. The streets will be deserted for much of the day and most restaurants will be closed for Christmas in San Miguel. For the few that remain open, it's important to make reservations in advance. Most hotel restaurants, such as La Puertecita, Casa de Sierra Nevada, Villa Rivera, etc. will be open. Other restaurants said to be open that day include La Capilla, El Buen Cafe (special Christmas buffet), Casa Luna (special Christmas buffet) and El Campanario. Some restaurants will open later in the day than usual. Check ahead!

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