Budget Hotels in San Miguel?

Yes! They Really do Exist!

B udget hotels in San Miguel de Allende? Don't believe everything you've heard. They do exist. Lots of them.

While it's true that, just like everywhere else, prices have gone up in San Miguel—in some cases way up—there is still a selection of budget hotels in San Miguel to choose from.

Our criteria for "budget hotel" is $75/night or less, double, including taxes. Many of the hotels listed are well below that price. In many cases, breakfast is included as well.

To help the budget even more, some of the least expensive hotel options offer private or shared kitchens. You get the fun of shopping at the mercado, get to eat wholesome, home-cooked food, and will save even more money! And the kitchen is where you often meet the most interesting people.

Here's a long list of budget hotels in San Miguel de Allende where you can be quite comfortable while stretching your travel dollars.

Arcada Hotel, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Arcada San Miguel

Location: Calz. de la Estacion No. 185, 10-15 minutes walk downhill from the Jardín.

Size: 22 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415)152-8940 or 152-8950
Fax: (415) 152-8960
Email: hotelarcada@yahoo.com

Prices: from $56-80, including breakfast buffet

Notes: Unlike most budget hotels, this one has a gym, spa, herbal steam room, room service and parking

Casita de la Flores, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Casita de las Flores

Location: Colonia Allende, 15-20 minutes walk from the Jardín, 10 minutes from Instituto Allende

Size: 5 rooms, with 2 shared baths & showers

Contact: Tel: (415) 117-7223
Advance reservations onlyby email.
Email: info@casitadelasflores.com

Prices: $33-50, depending on season

Notes: Located in a quiet, Mexican neighborhood at the end of a gated privada, or private cul-de-sac. I have personally stayed here and found it charming. The shared kitchen and patio give opportunities to make friends with other guests. The guesthouse is hard to find. You must give Francoise, the owner, your arrival time and she will meet you at a pre-arranged spot on the street and bring you inside.

wild sunflower

Name: Hotel de Allende

Location: Hidalgo #22, Centro, 1 1/2 blocks from the Jardín

Size: 13 rooms

Contact: Tel/Fax: (415) 152-7929
Prices: $40-45

Notes: An older hotel with a great location very near the Jardín. It can sometimes be noisy.

pink poppy

Name: El Hotelito

Location: Hidalgo #18, Centro, 1 1/2 blocks from the Jardín

Size: 12 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-7711

Prices: $34-39

Notes: One of the newest additions to the list of budget hotels in San Miguel del Allende. Less than a year old and at the bottom of the price range, this place has a wonderful location, just a few minutes walk from the Jardín. Does not serve breakfast.

Plumbago Blossoms

Name: La Huerta

Location: Callejon Atascadero No. 9, 10-15 minutes walk downhill to Centro

Size: 15 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 154-4475

Prices: $45

Notes: One of the oldest budget hotels in San Miguel. Rooms have two double beds.

Parador San Sebastian, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Parador San Sebastian

Location: Mesones 7, three blocks from the Jardin

Size: 27 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-7084

Prices: $30

Notes: A long-time favorite with budget travelers in the know. This is one of the cheapest places in town. Absolutely no advance reservations accepted, so arrive early in the day in high season. Located in a beautiful old colonial building with garden and roof terrace. Not fancy, but clean and nice. No TVs, no phones.

Dome of Las Monjas Church, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Posada de las Monjas

Location: Canal No. 37, just downhill from the Jardín

Size: 66 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-0171
Fax: (415) 152-6227

Prices: from $47-57

Notes: This is an older hotel in a building that was once part of the convent for Las Monjas ("La Concepción") church next door. Very convenient location around the corner from Bellas Artes. Restaurant/Bar; on-site parking

Jacaranda Blossoms, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Posada El Mayorazgo

Location: Hospicio No. 8, Centro

Size: 14 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-1309

Prices: $31-35

Notes: 1-star hotel. Another older property just 1/2 block from the Jardín. Rooms have two double beds.

Hotel La Siesta, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Posada La Casita

Location: Calzada de la Luz Nº 21-A

Size: 8 suites

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-12-87
Email: info@posadalacasita.com

Prices: $50, including breakfast

Notes: A short walk from the Jardín, the hotel has wireless internet access for guests. Nice roof-top terrace. Student discounts; also discounts on spanish classes at Habla Hispana Spanish School.

Posada la Fuente, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Posada la Fuente

Location: Ancha De San Antornio 95, corner of Cjon. De San Antonio. 10-15 minutes walk to Jardín. Very convenient to Instituto Allende.

Size: 12 rooms

Contact: (Tel:(415) 152-0629
Email: hopofu@prodigy.net.mx

Prices: $45

Notes: 2 stars. Enter on Callejon de San Antonio. Nice small hotel with restaurant. Laundry service available.

posada Real de la Cruz, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Posada Real de la Cruz

Location: Calle de la Santa Cruz No. 11, Barrio La Aldea, Centro

Size: 5 rooms

Contact: (415) 152-1657

Prices: $54

Notes: Located in the Barrio la Aldea, just off Ancha de San Antonio and very near the Instituto Allende. Parking, TV, wireless internet. Laundry facilities.

Posada San Miguelito, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Posada San Miguelito

Location: Canal No. 9, Centro, just steps from the Jardín

Size: 18 rooms

Contact: (415)154-8393

Prices: $35-75

Notes: A great location, across the street from Banamex and just steps from the Jardín. Upper terrace has a nice view of the square. Rooms on three levels open onto balconies overlooking central courtyard.

Wild Sunflower

Name: Posada Santa Ana

Location: Insurgentes No. 138, Centro,

Size: 6 rooms

Contact: (415) 152-0534

Prices: $54

Notes: Very near the Biblioteca and Santa Ana church, 3 minutes from Jardín. Rooms have two double beds.

Quinta Loreto Hotel, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Quinta Loreto

Location: Loreto No. 15, behind the artisans market

Size: 40 rooms

Contact: Tel: (415) 152-0042
Fax: (415) 152-3616
Email: hqloreto@cybermatsa.com.mx

Prices: $45-55, special weekly and monthly rates

Notes: A perennial favorite. Many people return every year for lengthy stays here. Often booked full in high season. Motel-like rooms w/ two double beds. Small pool, inexpensive restaurant, lovely gardens. Laundry service. Accepts dogs.

Hotel Sautto, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Hotel Sautto

Location: Hernandez Macias No. 59

Size: 20 rooms

Contact: (415) 152-0052

Prices: $63

Notes: Just past Bellas Artes, 10 minutes walk from the Jardín. Rooms have two double beds. Secure off-street parking. A good Italian restaurant on the property. Accepts small animals.

Bougainvillia blossoms, San Miguel de Allende

Name: Vista Hermosa Taboada

Location: Cuna de Allende No. 11, Centro

Size: 17 rooms

Contact: (415) 152-0078

Prices: $45

Notes: One star hotel 1/2 block from Jardín.

Any of these budget hotels in San Miguel will give you a decent night's sleep for a few bucks. If you prefer something just a little more luxurious (or even a lot more) check out the other sections of the San Miguel Hotels Directory.

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